CIPRTV special on new UK public affairs lobbying register consultation

If like me you missed this week’s CIPRTV on the UK Cabinet Office’s proposals to introduce a Statutory Register of Lobbyists then it’s well worth catching up with it here:

It’s presented by Russell Goldsmith of Marketiersdc and guests are Iain Anderson, of Cicero Consulting and Tamasin Cave, director of Spinwatch and leader of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency.

One Reply to “CIPRTV special on new UK public affairs lobbying register consultation”

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    E Yrefors says:

    a very interesting video! transparency in public affairs and lobbying is of crucial importance for it to be an asset to democracy. however, the debate about who should be in the register and who shouldn’t has got me wondering. it has been suggested that consultants are the ones that should be registered, but charities and in-house professionals doesn’t seem to have the same demand. it raises the question; is there such a thing as a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ lobbyist? i believe that charities and in-house professionals have as much personal influence on the policy making process as consultants. before addressing the register issue, the UK should sort out the issue of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ lobbying, and include everyone in the register. 

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