PR Futurist podcast

I do two podcasts. You can listen to or subscribe to the PR Futurist podcast using the links above or using the embedded player below.

PR Futurist | a bite-sized podcast (usually five to 10 minutes) taking a quick look at the future of public relations, communications and public affairs. It is presented by Stuart Bruce who is internationally recognised as a PR futurist – a thinker and doer in modernised PR and communication specialising in measurement and evaluation, PR strategy, crisis communication and using digital and social media for corporate communication and public affairs.

Over the Horizon | A conversation with me and business technology evangelist Tim Bailey where we discuss the future of public relations and communications technology and have the occasional guest.

Please subscribe to the PR Futurist podcast using the subscription buttons above or listen on the embedded player below.

You can find out more about Stuart Bruce on his biography page or visit the company website for Stuart Bruce Associates.

If you want to be featured on a future episode of PR Futurist then please leave me a voice message via the PR Futurist site on Anchor or visit the Anchor pages for Over the Horizon or Last of the Labour Whine.

If you don’t already use a podcast player then I recommend PocketCasts. It’s free and is much better than the default Apple or Android podcast players. It works on Android, iOS, Alexa, Sonos, Windows and the web so you can easily listen to your podcasts wherever you want. My favourite feature is cross-device sync so it syncs the playback position meaning you can listen on your mobile while commuting and continue on Alexa when you get home.