Edelman Capital Staffers Index 2011

Edelman and StrategyOne, its global public affairs team, has just released the 2011 Capital Staffers Index which ‘analyses top trends in global public affairs and communications.’

It’s the third such annual report and is based on interviews with more than 500 senior staffers (legislative directors and above – not sure what job title this translates into outside of the USA) from cities in 11 different countries around the world including Washington DC, Brussels, London, Beijing, Ottawa, Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, New Delhi, Buenos Aires and Brasilia.

‘It tracks many baseline public affairs metrics first established in our 2009 benchmark study.

Although traditional public affairs components, such as grassroots outreach and fact-based messaging, remain critical to advocacy success, the results also demonstrate a meteoric rise in social media channels in shaping and influencing policy worldwide over the past year.

Specifically, policymakers have shown a dramatic increase in their use of Twitter, Facebook and mobile technology which underscores the importance of social media and the Internet in educating policymakers and galvanizing them to support a policy issue.’

I’m on limited power at the airport so don’t have time to pull out the UK and European figures, so take a look for yourself in the SlideShare deck: