Reputation, risk and resilience – the ultimate report

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Every year there are a multitude of useful and interesting global reports published about reputation, risk, resilience and trust. We feature many of them in our free fortnightly PR Futurist newsletter. They’ve all got fascinating insights, but reading them and analysing them is a time-consuming business.

At Purposeful Relations we often start by using AI to create a summary and to ask specific questions to see what the report says about it. However, that’s still not as good as a real senior-level corporate communications expert analysing them to identify the most salient actionable points.

That’s where Rod Cartwright comes in. Last year he published the ultimate report of reports – Trust, Risk and Resilience. This year it’s back and bigger and better than ever with the Reputation, Risk and Resilience 2024 report. Rod does an expert summary of the last 12 months’ key global reports on reputation, risk, resilience and trust. I’m luck enough to have had a sneak peak of this year’s report. Rod analyses eight reports from industry heavyweights:

  • Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report (2023)
  • G4S World Security Report (2023)
  • BCI Horizon Scan Report (2023)
  • World Economic Forum Global Risks Report (2024)
  • Edelman Trust Barometer (2024)
  • The Conference Board C-Suite Outlook (2024)
  • The Page Society CCO Views into 2024 (2024)
  • Ipsos Reputation Council Report (2024)

Each of the eight reports has a useful TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) summary. Rod also identifies the common threads, trends and differences between the reports. He uses this analysis to identify suggested crucial questions for public relations and corporate affairs professionals to consider.

In the introduction are the ten central themes running through the eight reports.

  • 1 Geopolitics – the looming shadow.
  • Misinformation and polarisation – the terrible twins.
  • Cyber (in)security – a threat to yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Climate catastrophe – real, present and extremely dangerous.
  • It’s (still) the economy, stupid – a collective and individual fear.
  • Human impacts and human investment – the long tail of a collective global trauma.
  • ESG – a priority in principle but not in practice or in the pocket?
  • The evolution of science and innovation – technology with a human face.
  • Business – stepping in where governments fear and fail to tread.
  • Polycrisis and interconnected risk – a new and crucial intersectionality

If you don’t have time to read and analyse all eight reports then Rod’s ultimate report of reports is essential reading. He’s also offering interactive primer sessions on the practical implications of the report. You can downlaod a report summary (PDF) or contact Rod Cartwright Consulting to receive a full copy of the Reputation, Risk and Resilience 2024 report.

I’ve worked with Rod for several joint clients through Stuart Bruce Associates, my crisis communications and reputation management consultancy, as well as my communications transformation consultancy Purposeful Relations.