Free #PRstack #2 book with 30 how to guides for hacking your PR practice, tactics and strategy

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I’m privileged to be a member of the PRstack community created by Stephen Waddington, past president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and chief engagement officer at Ketchum. We’ve just published our second book and it has got 30 new chapters each providing a detailed how-to guide on using digital tools to improve PR practice.

Like the first PRstack #1 book the content was sourced from volunteers working in public relations each of whom contributed a different chapter. Some chapters cover just one tool in depth and others look at how you can combine and use tools together. Stephen Waddington was the editor for both books and once again Frederik Vincx and the team at Prezly did a great job with the design and production.

My chapter in the second book looks at how you can use IFTTT and Zapier to automate lots of repetitive PR tasks. The 30 chapters will be published individually over the next few weeks, so I’ll post a copy on my blog when my chapter is released. My first chapter was on how to use Flipboard to curate and amplify content for public relations.

You can download PRstack #2 as a free ebook or if you’re like me a digital geek who loves print you can order a print copy from Blurb.

I want to offer my personal thanks to Stephen Waddington (or Wadds as he’s often known and loved) for the time and commitment he’s put into this and many other projects to improve the public relations profession. Thank you Wadds for all that you do. Wadds is one of those senior PR leaders who doesn’t just talk the talk, but gets his hands dirty and has mastered digital tools so he can lead strategy.

Stuart Bruce on digital tools for PRI also want to thank Frederik Vincx and the team at Prezly who first created the website to give a designer front-end to the ugly cloud-based spreadsheet created by Wadds and contributed to by me and others. Prezly has also created a ‘Complete Guide to Public Relations Tools‘ that I also contributed to.

PRstack #2 is endorsed by both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA).

The contributors to the second book were Matt Anderson; Matt Appleby; Stella Bayles; Michael Blowers; Liz Bridgen; Stuart Bruce; Gini Dietrich; Erica Eliasson; Helen Laurence; Rich Leigh; Hannah Lennox; Tim Lloyd; Kevin Lorch; Maria Loupa; Rachel Miller; Lauren Old; Adam Parker; Laura Petrolino; Andy Ross; David Sawyer; Aly Saxe; Laura Sutherland; Max Tatton-Brown; Frederik Tautz; Abha Thakor; Frederik Vincx; Angharad Welsh; Livi Wilkes; Arianne Williams; and Michael White.

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