Modernising your PR team for 2016

In 2015 we saw some great initiatives to help modernise public relations practice. The launch of the PRstack website, two PRstack ebooks and the FuturePRoof book. They’ve all generated a lot of social media chatter and hype, and even some mainstream media coverage. However, beyond the hype I’d be interested to know how much impact they’ve actually made. How many PR practitioners are really radically, or even incrementaly, transforming the way they work to use new tools to make themselves better, faster and more effective?

I suspect very few. Certainly when I’ve run PR training courses and spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world I’ve discovered some awareness of the existence of PRstack and the books, but not so many people who are actively using it, reading the books and actually changing what they do.

That’s why I welcome yet another initiative in this seemingly crowded space. Frederik Vincx, founder of online PR CRM tool Prezly, has written a five step guide to improving the workflow and practice of your PR team, whether it’s a PR agency or an in-house PR team. Rather than summarise it in a blog post I’d recommend you pop over to Frederik’s site and take a look for yourself.

He’s also helpfully summarised it in this infographic. I’m rather impressed that not only did he write the guide, he also did the illustrations himself. A multi-talented individual indeed.

Disclaimer. I saw an early draft of this guide and made some suggestions and contributions. I’m also quoted in it and mentioned at the end.

If you want to modernise your PR practice and improve the workflow in your PR team and could do with some advice or assistance then get in touch for a chat.

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