PR round-up for the silly season

My public relations blogging has been light during July and August as I’ve had a couple of short holidays and been busier with consultancy and training projects than I would be normally during the summer. This is a quick round-up of some of the things that I should have blogged about.

World Communications Review

The first edition of World Communication Review was published on August 21. I was the editor of the World Communication Review, which is an initiative of the World Communication Forum Association that runs the Davos World Communication Forum. It is an eclectic collection of essays and papers from PR and communications thinkers and doers from all around the world including Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Repbublic, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Ukraine. As well as being the editor I also contributed a paper on ‘Expanding and explaining the role of new public relations in the modern globalised economy and society’.

You can read it or download it on Issu here or see the embed below.

Complete Guide to Public Relations Tools

The Complete Guide to Public Relations Tools is a fantastic initiative by Frederik Vincx and the team at Prezly to complement the list of tools at I was asked to provide some insight into why tools are so important to the success of the modern PR professional. Other contributors include Danny Watmough, Drew Benvie, Stella Bayles and Andrew Smith. Thanks to Max Tatton-Brown for inviting me to contribute to this great project.

The Taxpayer’s Alliance and my Best Practice Guide for MPs Using Twitter

On July 19 the right-wing Taxpayers’ Alliance used the shortage of real news in summer to peddle it’s own silly season story about the John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, wasting taxpayers’ money by commissioning an “idiot’s guide’ to Twitter for MPs and members of the House of Lords. As usual however it had got its facts wrong. As the report it criticised was actually written by me for free on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations as part of its contribution the Speaker’s Commission for Digital Democracy. The Sun and Daily Mail both fell for the Taxpayer Alliances’ spin, but more surprisingly so did The Independent. You can read the full Best Practice Guide for MPs Using Twitter here.

However, the professional reaction to the actual content of the Twitter guide was overwhelmingly positive. The BBC’s Newsbeat even turned some of the tips in the guide into a Twitter infographic and credited the CIPR.

As a result of the interest it generated I’m going to finish updating the guide and re-publish it as a more general guide to professional use of Twitter.

PRstack book two

And finally, watch this space because over the summer I was one of of a bevy of PR folk who contributed to a second edition of PRstack which will contain yet more guides to modern PR tools to accompany the first My PRstack: A Practical Guide to PR Tools and Workflow book published in May. Expect the usual flurry of blog posts, Facebook updates and tweets when it is published in a few week’s time.

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