PRstack book of tools and tips for modern PR practice

My #PRstack: A practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow is a new crowd-sourced ebook published today. It has 19 chapters, each by a different contributor, detailing tips and tools you can use for different areas of public relations practice and activity.

Some chapters use multiple tools so it explains how to use more than 40 different tools to improve how you do different public relations activity and tasks. It covers everything from SEO and improving writing to influencer identification and content curation.

My contribution is a chapter on how PR professionals can distribute and curate content using Flipboard, the magazine app and website. As an example you can also subscribe to my free Future of PR magazine where I distribute the best articles and blog posts on modernised PR, along with content published on my own blog and other PR and business titles.

My #PRstack is written by 19 different PR practitioners who have all been involved in the creation of the website which is a co-created database of more than 250 tools for PR professionals. The book and the site include both free and paid for tools, with many of them being ‘freemium’ – the basic tool is free, but you pay a (usually modest) monthly fee for enhanced features.

My #PRstack is free and distributed under a Creative Commons license. You can download it here and over the next three weeks each chapter will be published individually as a blog post on the PRstack site.

Both the PRstack website and the book were original ideas by CIPR past president Stephen Waddington, the global chief engagement officer of Ketchum working with Frederik Vincx of PR CRM Prezly. He has published a blog post that describes more about how the site and book were created.

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