Award-winning Romanian tourism PR campaign

When the UK’s Conservative government decided to run an anti-immigration campaign in Romania to dissuade Romanians from coming to the UK a Romanian advertising agency came up with a fantastic response.

The UK government campaign ‘You won’t like it here’ was intended to keep away Romanian migrants by showing how awful life in Britain is. Advertising agency GMP Bucharest responded by creating a campaign for its daily newspaper client It used humour to fight discrimination.

The “We may not like Britain, but you’ll love Romania” campaign used Facebook advertising and even outdoor media (posters) in the UK using the theme “Why don’t you come over?”. As the campaign took off the agency even created a Facebook app to crowd-source campaign ideas from Romanians. It also created a website to make it easier for Romanians to help Brits come to Romania by posting job offers and providing opportunities to host a British tourist on their couch.

For a relatively modest media spend the campaign secured extensive global media coverage including print, online and broadcast.

Our draft beer is less expensive than your bottled water We serve more food groups than pie, sausage, fish & chips

Summer here lasts three months, not three hours

Half our women look like Kate. The other half, like her sister

Our air traffic controllers have  seen snow before. They were unimpressed.

We speak better English than anywhere you've been in France

Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry has not been photgraphed naked once.

Our newspapers are hacking celebrities' privacy, not people's phones

I heard about this campaign when it was running, but have just found this great video case study. The campaign has also won a gold at the prestigious AdStars awards in Asia.


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