Why Facebook matters for UK politicians

FacebookYou still meet many politicians who are sceptical about the value of Facebook. A familiar story is that they are too busy in their day-to-day life as a local councillor doing case work, attending community meetings, leafleting and door knocking to bother with Facebook. Many also see Facebook as being for young people and they don’t bother to vote anyway.

This new video from Facebook has some interesting insights that prove how wrong the sceptics are and how it is as foolish not to connect with constituents on Facebook as it would be never to deliver leaflets or knock on doors.


If (like me) you don’t have time to watch videos then some of the key statistics you need to know are:

  • 27 million people in the UK use Facebook every month
  • That’s more than two-thirds of the British internet population
  • On average they spend seven hours a month on Facebook
  • One in five minutes online is spent on Facebook
  • 25% are under 25…
  • … but 30% are over 50 – so it’s definitely not just young people
  • People act on the recommendations of their friends e.g. 16% have bought something and 37% have listened to new music
  • 60% of people use Facebook most at night – so that’s when they are most likely to see your updates

And one of the best ways for local councillors to start connecting with people on Facebook? Good old-fashioned leaflets through the door directing people to your Facebook page.

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