White House signs-up to six second Vine videos

Since the launch a lot of the initial hype about Twitter’s six second Vine videos has thankfully died down. The latest to use Vine is the White House which has used it for the first time to promote the annual White House Science Fair.

I was a sceptic at launch and remain so, but am reserving final judgment until I’ve had an opportunity to use it properly myself. Which won’t happen until an Android version is available.

The issue that I’ve got is that compared to a tweet six seconds is just too long, I could read lots of tweets in that time. As I use HootSuite and rarely visit the Twitter website I’d never see it as embedded media. Therefore I’d only click on the link if I knew it was worth clicking first. The flip side of it being too long is that six seconds is also too short to do much worthwhile.

After three months there are still a lack of good examples, although there are a lot of examples of people talking about good examples which turn out not to be! If you think you’ve seen good examples that I’ve missed then please let me know in the comments.