Map of social network use around the world

The world map of social networks is updated every six months by Vincenzo Cosenza. The latest shows that Facebook is continuing its relentless growth and dominates much of the globe. The most obvious exceptions are Russia, China and Iran. The other big two remain Twitter and LinkedIn.

In Russia the top networks are Odnoklassniki and V Kontakte, but significantly with Facebook in third place. In China it is Qzone, Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo. In Iran it is Cloob. Other networks worth noting are Badoo, Orkut, Tuenti, Skyrock, Xing and Mixi.

World Map of Social Networks

Top three social networks by country

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  1. If I had not seen this differently coloured map, I would have just erroneously assumed that Facebook is number one the world over. But I should have known that Russia and China would never favour an American SNS over their very own.

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