Forums and blogs: old social media still count

Rule 9 of yesterday’s 80 rules of social media was ‘Facebook is not the answer to your problems’ and today’s infographic illustrates exactly that point.

I always smile when I hear people talking about online PR and social media being new – I was doing both in the mid to late-90s, it’s just that isn’t what we called it. It was just a new place to do public relations and didn’t have a fancy moniker. Original social media were bulletin boards, forums and email lists.

It was on the original PR email lists that I first met PR professionals like Peter Shankman and Serena Ehrlich.

This infographic from ProBroads shows that people are still using forums and as I said yesterday “Blogs and forums may not be as trendy, but they can frequently be far more powerful.”

2 Replies to “Forums and blogs: old social media still count

  1. Great post. Forums are a better platform to get more information out as well. Still, it really is all about fishing where the fish are. If who you are trying to reach aren’t on forums but are on Twitter, then Twitter is where you have to go.

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