Corporate communications heads split on social media

Reputation Council Insight and Ideas May | Ipsos MORICorporate communications heads agree (82%) that discussions in social media and social networks can impact on a company’s overall reputation and licence to operate, but are split on how seriously it should be taken. Forty per cent said that criticism in social media channels was taken too seriously while 46% disagreed.

Social media impact on corporate reputation

Corp comms opinions on social media criticism

The report also looks at some of the issues facing corporate communications professionals and highlights the importance of the need for digital experience and and expertise:

However for most Reputation Council members, relevant experience in the
communication sphere is the key criterion. A particular specialism can sometimes be
valuable, but generally a spread of experience, particularly across all things digital, is
required. This reflects the fact that the media landscape is changing rapidly.

You can download the full Ipsos MORI Reputation Council Insight & Ideas report (PDF).

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