Public affairs and social media on CIPR TV and training webinar

ciprPublic affairs and social media is very much on the agenda for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) at the moment with both a CIPR TV special and a training webinar on public affairs and social media.


Firstly, this Thursday (October 6) at 17:00 there is a special public affairs double bill on CIPR TV.

CIPR TV Public Affairs Double Bill

The next CIPR TV show is on Thursday 6 October at 5pm and will be a two-part public affairs special. The first part of the discussion will be about party conferences and political communications.

CIPR host, Russell Goldsmith and new presenter, David Prescott, will be joined by public affairs experts Iain Anderson, of Cicero Consulting, John Lehal, of Insight Public Affairs and Simon Goldie, of LexisNexis. They will be talking about the 2011 party conference season and the political communications and politics associated with it – both in public and behind the scenes.

Part two will focus on social media and its impact on public affairs skills. Experts Mark Pack of MHP and Stuart Bruce of the CIPR social media panel will talk about the new channels of communications that are influencing public policy today.

Phillip Sheldrake will be talking to Carla Buzasi, Editor-In-Chief of the recently launched Huffington Post UK. Phillip will be interviewing Carla ahead of the CIPR ‘The Conversation Never Stops’ social media conference on the 14 November, where she is the key note.

If you’d like to put a question to the panellists, please submit it via the question box below or tweet using the hashtag #ciprtv.

CIPR TV is brought to you by markettiers4dc and the CIPR’s Social Media Panel.

Secondly, the CIPR is launching a brand new series of training webinars. It’s the first time that the CIPR has done this and I’ve got the dubious honour of running the very first one which will cover ‘Public Affairs and Social Media’:

Public Affairs and Social Media webinar

CIPR-approved trainer: Stuart Bruce.

Today, most brands and companies are using social media and social networks as part of their marketing public relations campaigns, but far fewer use it for true stakeholder relations and public affairs. Social media and social networks have been embraced by politicians and are now part of the fabric of political campaigning. This webinar examines the impact that this is having on public affairs professionals and how the social web can be used to support your public affairs strategy.

This session looks at:

  • the effect of search on public opinion and how you can affect it
  • how social media and social networks influence the news agenda and how you can use it to make your case
  • how both politicians and government are using social media
  • how to create effective content that can be found and shared
  • creating online advocacy campaigns that translate into real world actions and change.

You can book your place on Eventbrite – £54 for CIPR members and £90 for non-members – so now might be a good time to join, you only need to do a few webinars to have saved the first year’s membership fee and you get all the other benefits!

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