Investor relations video goes viral – ‘A Day Made of Glass…’

Last week’s Dell B2B Social Media Huddle is part of an excellent ongoing series of events to show that social media is just as relevant in the B2B sector as it is in the higher profile B2C one. An area that gets even less attention is how social media and online PR can be relevant and effective in the corporate communications and investor relations arena. Corporate communications social media is one of our specialisms at Wolfstar Consultancy and we’ve done everything from helping with quarterly results announcements, to launching new corporate CSR strategies as well as issues and crisis communications management.

I’ve just caught up on my RSS feed reading and saw this article by Dominic Jones on IR Web Report detailing the success of a video produced for Corning Incorporated’s investor relations day last month. Despite clocking in at more than six minutes its had 9.7 million views (at time of writing, it was 8.8 just five days ago). That makes it the most watched corporate video of all time.

‘A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning’ shows a family using a series of futuristic glass technologies such as touch operated bathroom mirrors, kitchen work surfaces, fridge doors and even an interactive bus stop.

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