Stuart Bruce speaks for Wolfstar at PR Week and Communicate conferences

Tomorrow, I’m speaking at two public relations conferences. The first is the PR Week PR and Digital Media 2010 conference and the second is Communicate’s Reputation on Financial Services.

PRWeek PR and Digital Media 2010 Conference

At the PR Week conference I’m on an expert panel called ‘Ask The Experts What Not To Do In Social Media: Brand Surgery Tips and Tricks.’

So, now you know what you should do – but what should you avoid at all costs? What are the biggest faux pas across social media by PROs? Explore potential downfalls as well as what really drives sensational PR.

Communicate Reputation in Financial Services

At the Communicate conference I’m on an expert panel called ‘What price anti-social?’

Social media. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. In the mad rush to have a presence, many firms threw the rulebook out the window and jumped headfirst into technology they didn’t understand. As a result quite a few made a bit of a mess and rather than enhance their brand, ended up causing some damage. We take a look at some of the pitfalls of social media and how best to avoid them.

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