CIPR Social Summer – social media for PR people

Next Thursday it’s my turn to do the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Social Summer. It’s a series of early evening events every Thursday at the CIPR headquarters in Russell Square. My session is titled Social media is too new for us, we can’t take risks.

For many big corporates and brands the social web still appears to be like the Wild West where the normal rules don’t apply and you don’t have any control. Stuart will demonstrate that once you get past the technology and jargon, it’s not as different and scary as it looks. The session will show that even PR pros seeped in traditional media relations can and indeed need to adapt to the new world, that even the most conservative brands in the most conservative industries can and should embrace social public relations. The session will cover:

  • How you can make your traditional media relations more successful by becoming social
  • How you can translate your traditional PR skills for online and social media
  • How you can persuade the reluctant CEO or board to embrace the social web

You’ve already missed some good ones, but coming up tomorrow night is Stephen Waddington and Philip Sheldrake on Has the PR industry failed to reskill for SEO – and will social media be the next missed opportunity? Also coming up is Iain Dodsworth of Tweetdeck on Twitter, Julio Romo talking about social media, news and TV, and Ged Carroll on Social media no-no’s. Tags: ciprsm

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