PR and Search and Social Media Insights conference speaking

Tomorrow I’m speaking on two panels at the SAScon Search, Analytics and Social Media conference. The first panel is Social Media Insights and the second is Search and PR.

The Social Media Insights panel is described as:

With a plethora of social media monitoring tools on the market today, the question is not so much *should* organisations be monitoring conversations, but what are they doing with them? How are these organisations using the insights they receive for real organisational benefit?

The other panel members are Rob Brown (chair of the CIPR’s Social Media Panel), Jas Dhaliwal (Global Head of Communities for AVG Anti-Virus), and Kevin Hoy (Web Manager at GMP).

The Search and PR panel is described as:

The adoption of SEO techniques in PR has been a long-standing debate. On one hand, many see it as a dark art and on the other, a hollow way to acquire links on social media sites to improve ranking. Here, our expert panel lift the lid on how to strike the ideal balance.

The other panel members are Nichola Stott (SEO PR Training), Claire Thomson (SEO PR Training) and Barry Adams.