Social media and YouTube to get you voting

Iain Dale and Total Politics magazine have released a cracking YouTube video of Bucks Fizz’s Eurovison winner ‘Making Your Mind Up’ to encourage people to vote.

It features a host of famous political figures and celebrities including Alastair Campbell, Ann Widdicombe, Nigel Farage, Chris Mullin, Phil Willis, Peter Tatchell, Lynne Featherstone, all-party band MP4 and Anne Diamond.

Lots of political bloggers also make an appearance, my personal favourite has to be Guido Fawkes having his skirt whipped off!

Three of the original Bucks Fizz also appear, with Iain Dale himself making up the quartet.

Remember today’s the last day to register to vote. You can download a form at About My Vote and then you need to hand-deliver it to your local elections office (probably in the Civic Hall or Town Hall, depending on which local council area you live in.) If you’re at work ask your boss for a long lunch hour or if you can leave early. It’s essential to vote.

Remember ‘If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.’

2 Replies to “Social media and YouTube to get you voting

  1. Hi Stuart,
    My first time here. I saw this video and it made me cringe a little…..that may be something to do with Bucks Fizz 😉 However, it made me wondered if this is what it is going to take to get more people interested in the election process. Not sure how it will handle the trust issue either.

    What do you think? Think that we will have a high turnout this time around?


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