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Next week’s World Communications Forum in Davos has PR and corporate communications speakers and delegates from dozens of different countries so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at where visitors to my public relations blog come from.

Not surprisingly for an English language blog most are from the UK and USA. However, there are also a healthy number of visitors from India, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. Some of the more unusual countries with a reasonable number of visitors are Mongolia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Everywhere in the Middle East is represented except Yemen. South America has a few gaps with no visitors from Bolivia or Uruguay or indeed most countries in Central America and the Caribbean. There are also some gaps in Africa and Central Asia.

Stuart Bruce PR blog visitors map

Some of these visitors come from search and Twitter, but I think a good number are also as a result of people that I’ve done digital corporate communications training or for. In the last 18 months alone I’ve done PR training or corporate communications consultancy for PR professionals from Bahrain, Belgium, France, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, UAE and UK and hopefully I’ve projects coming up with corporate communications professionals from Estonia, Hungary, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. The PR training is a mix of work I do directly with clients, which include both in-house PR teams and PR agencies, and work I do through third party training and conference companies. The PR consultancy work is all direct with in-house corporate communications teams.


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