Corporate communications videos need good stories and emotions

The predictions are that 2013 is the year when video becomes an even more important corporate communications and PR channel than it already is. The problem I’ve got is that personally I think a lot of the ‘great’ videos that people share are just more than a bit rubbish. However, just as I’m thinking how hard it is to find great examples to use when I’m doing PR training, two brilliant ones come along at once.

The first and my favourite is from Dansk Metal, the Danish Metalworkers’ Union, and is in Danish with sub-titles, but don’t let that put you off. It’s packed with strong messages and emotion and the style will be familiar to anyone who’s a fan of Danish TV like The Killing or especially Borgen.

I found this via Danish diplomat Karen Melchior.

The second is to mark the fiftieth anniversary of McClaren and was produced by advertising agency VCCP. I found it via my former employee Jed Hallam who’s not only an accomplished social business ‘rock star’, but also a successful author.

If I’ve one criticism of both videos is that they are a bit too long. At the start both could probably be edited as you’re asking a lot of the audience to stick with them to the end, which for both are the best bits.

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2 Replies to “Corporate communications videos need good stories and emotions

  1. I don’t know. I’m not overly impressed by either. As you say, both are too long and the first one just reminds me of the old Monty Python ‘What have the Romans done for us?’ gag without being as funny.

    The second one is trying to be Honda-like and inspirational but misses the mark I think and leaves me wondering what I’m meant to be celebrating – because I doubt anyone wants to celebrate a man’s death – influential or otherwise (of course, we have Easter…).

  2. I remember reading that when Guardiola was a coach for the FC Barcelona team, he used motivational videos before important games. For example he used extracts from the film “Gladiator” before a Champions League Final. They won several international and national titles.

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