Greg Hands MP and Michael Dugher MP on the etiquette of Twitter

In this morning’s round-up of the Hansard Society roundtable on social media campaigning I wrote about the ‘lack of understanding and expertise in new social media channels.’ I didn’t realise at the time that Tory MP Greg Hands was providing us with a text book example that very morning.

Much of today’s political Twitter conversation has been paying tribute to Philip Gould, whose brave fight against cancer ended so sadly. Even prominent Conservative blogger Iain Dale paid tribute, citing Philip’s excellent book The Unfinished Revolution. One of the many Labour tributes was from Michael Dugher MP, but what Tory MP Greg Hands did in his retweet demonstrates how truly and utterly clueless some people are when using social media.

Greg didn’t pay his own tribute, neither did he retweet  Michael’s tribute. No instead he sent a crudely edited retweet that tried to score cheap political points out of a tragedy.

Michael Dugher Greg Hands retweet

The lesson is if you wouldn’t be so rude, crass and ignorant in real life then don’t do it on social media as it can damage your reputation.

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