Why Labour is beating the Tories online

It is a common fallacy that the Tories are beating Labour online. That’s why Conservative MPs dominate the new Total Politics Annual Blog Poll. There are just 14 Labour blogs in the Top 30, compared to nine Conservative…

That’s right. Labour is in fact the party that leads with blogging MPs, according to a poll run via a Conservative blog, where you’d expect there to be a greater predominance of Tory supporting readers.

Of course it would be naive and simplistic to use this one simple figure as evidence that Labour is beating the Tories online. But is does help illustrate that things are not as clear cut as people commonly perceive.

1 (2) Tom Harris LA
2 (1) John Redwood CO
3 (12) Douglas Carswell CO
4 (4) Nadine Dorries CO
5 (8) Kerry McCarthy LA
6 (3) Tom Watson LA
7 (6) Adam Price PC
8 (5) Lynne Featherstone LD
9 (10) David Jones CO
10 (11) Paul Flynn LA

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  1. Surely success can be defined a bit more broadly than a couple thousand votes on a blog? What about traffic, or the influence a blog has on msm news? What about Wikio rankings?

    I don’t see that Labour has anywhere near half the influence the Tory big three have (Iain Dale, Toryhome and Guido)…

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