Thank you Iain Dale

Iain Dale has today announced that he’s quitting blogging. Despite our political differences I’ve always had time for Iain. His posts, unlike some in the Tory blogosphere, have at least (usually!) been reasonably fair.

When I started blogging in early 2003 it was still very much a minority activity, especially on this side of the Atlantic. Iain started a few months later in December 2003 and it was still pretty unusual. Iain was one of those responsible for bringing blogging much more to the forefront and especially driving mainstream media coverage. Some of Iain’s early media appearances were to talk not just about politics as he does today, but about ‘blogging’ in general.

I fully understand Iain’s reason for quitting – he needs to devote more time to his business interests.

Iain you’ll be missed, but thanks for all that you’ve done.

p.s. He’s also announced that he’s quitting politics, which I take to mean that he’ll no longer be seeking selection as a Conservative parliamentary candidate.