Iain Dale and Alan Johnson Campaign Team

This is a copy of a comment that I’ve just left on Iain Dale’s blog, following his publication of a list of names of people who have signed up to receive updates about Alan Johnson’s campaign to be elected deputy leader of the Labour Party.

I had planned to announce my position as communications director in Alan’s team early next week. However, I thought it was important to act now in order to publicly apologise on behalf of the team:

“Just to clarify things for everyone. The names Iain has published are a very partial list of some of the people who have signed up to receive updates to Alan’s campaign. It’s nothing more and nothing less.

My name appeared on the list because I’m working with Alan to assist with media and internet communications. Next week we’ll be putting out an official statement naming other members of the campaign team.

We’ve already apologised to everyone whose name and email address was accidentally revealed. It was an unfortunate error by one member of the team and I promise that we have now put protocols in place to ensure that this will not happen again.

Finally I’d like to repeat the public apology and reiterate that the people named are some of those receiving updates – not all supporters or members of the campaign team.

Stuart Bruce
on behalf of the Alan Johnson for Deputy Campaign Team”

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  1. Off the subject of the faux-pax made with the revealed names, can you imagine the day a politician gets elected purely via a web 2.0 campaign, YouTube manifestos/Podcasts of policies/the MySpace cabinet; Hang on a minute…

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