Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has a 1000 page staff handbook

Conservative blogger Iain Dale is all in tizz because Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott doesn’t appear to have read his own ODPM’s (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) staff handbook.

In his zeal to put the boot in to the Deputy PM Iain appears to have missed the most important scandal. What on earth is the ODPM doing having a 1000 page staff handbook?

Does anyone seriously expect every member of staff to read it, let alone remember it? And if you read the excerpts presented by Iain it’s not exactly written in plain English.

The real scandal is that the civil service thinks a 1000 page staff handbook is acceptable practice. Is it any wonder the Home Office is in such a mess if civil servants are still stuck in this sort of bureaucratic mindset?

Later I’ll post some more thoughts over on my political blog at Stuart’s Soapbox.

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