Why the BNP needs the ‘oxygen of publicity’ – to choke itself

This morning I provided PR Week with a quote about the BBC’s decision to allow the BNP’s Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time. My full comment was:

I don’t think it’s just a publicity stunt for the BBC. It’s not a question of if it is a good move, it was the only move if the BBC is to maintain its impartiality.

I’m at odds with many colleagues in the Labour Party in that I do think we should share a platform with the BBC. We have to recognise that the BNP’s spin and half-truths are being listened to on the doorsteps – that’s why two BNP MEPs and dozens of councillors have been elected. The BNP is winning votes from disillusioned none voters and disaffected working class Labour and Tory voters. Their messages have resonance and the only way to defeat them is by exposing them. Attempting to censor them actually gives them more power on the doorsteps as they can say ‘this is the truth ‘they’ don’t want you to hear.’ The three main parties defeat this by not being afraid to debate with the BNP and expose them for what they are.

If you needed anymore evidence that all the BNP needs is the ‘oxygen of publicity’ to choke itself then this video posted by David Brain should help to convince you:

4 Replies to “Why the BNP needs the ‘oxygen of publicity’ – to choke itself

  1. Surely one of those things Tories and Labour can work together on…..we need the refreshment of a cross party crusade to lift the tone of politics right now.

  2. The video made me laugh. Put these clowns on to BBC Question Time and they will expose themselves. I agree also that it is a shame that we have to talk to people like Griffin; but we must, so let’s do it. He might remind voters of just how sensible and considered most of our mainstream politicians are from both the major parties.

  3. Yeah it is true that if you give them enough rope they should hang themselves. What about them using social media though? That would be a worrying sign in that they could easily find masses of the right people at target them directly to increase the power of their reach? Worrying I’d say

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