Take the 2009 Vote Match for the European elections

For a little weekend fun you should give the 2009 Vote Match ago. But more importantly don’t forget to vote in the European elections on June 4. Not surprisingly I came out as Labour and that’s what I’d urge you all to vote. If you can’t do that then at least please don’t waste your vote. It’s important. My only plea would be don’t waste your vote on a fringe party will off-the-wall or ill defined policies. But above all I implore you to use your vote to help stop the BNP.

UPDATE: Removed the widget as it was causing my blog to not display properly.

I would have liked to embed the latest Labour party political broadcast here, but I won’t as I think it is so bad it’s more likely to persuade you to do the wrong thing, rather than do the right thing and vote Labour.

UPDATE: Thought it might be useful to say where my views differed from the Labour Party’s:

I was against ISPs being able to limit their customers’ access to websites and applications for commercial reasons (which means the Labour Party must be in favour – why?)

I wanted strict environmental regulations on new build housing (once again why doesn’t Labour?)

I think that extending copyright beyond 50 years will hurt consumers.

I want the EU to agree rules on standard rules on qualifications.

On lots of other things I have an opinion, but Labour doesn’t.

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