Change your Twitter pic for St George’s Day

Twitter St George flag

It’s St George’s Day on Thursday April 23. With the far right parties still trying to wrap themselves in our flag and pretend they are patriots it’s time for every true English man and woman to show them they have no right to our flag.

For this week only I’ve changed my Twitter picture to the flag. Please join me and tweet what you’re up to with the #stgeorge hash tag.

2 Replies to “Change your Twitter pic for St George’s Day

  1. I was active in Dagenham and Romford with my mates opposing the NF back in the late 1970s. Dagenham was then mostly white, but my local mates were mixed race. We were not minded to take stick from racists. Sometimes we exchanged thumps. Recently, I wrote a piece against the BNP in memory of my friends from back then. It quotes my hero Ian Dury. I hope you like this little celebration of England's Glory:

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