Don’t Panic guide to social media conference

Tom Murphy, Head of PR, Microsoft Ireland On Friday I was the ‘wrap up’ speaker at the Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media conference in Manchester. It was a fantastic day with some great speakers. My presentation wasn’t quite what I intended it to be. I was on last and by half way through the first speaker (Microsoft’s Tom Murphy) I realised my presentation had already been fairly well covered. So I decided to pull together another presentation on the fly and use it as a wrap up to the day.

Stuart Bruce Twitter back channel Part of my new presentation was looking at the fantastic amount of Twitter chatter (#dontpanic) and blog posts that actually happened during the conference. Rob Brown, MD of Staniforth wasn’t at the conference, but still managed to blog about the experience of following it from his desk. He compared it to a national newspaper sports reporter who covered Grand Prix races from the comfort of his armchair, while pretending to be at the race track.

Twitter sad according to Microsoft's Tom Murphy In the morning Tom Murphy poked a little fun at Twitter (it was all very tongue in cheek), but by the afternoon it had been blogged about and Twittered to such an extent that he was being criticised by people in other countries who weren’t even at the conference.

All of this made great content for my presentation and certainly brought alive the possibilities (and even dangers of ignoring) social media. The conference has already inspired at least one new blog and I know of another in the pipeline.

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