Celebrate Europe Day today

Today is Europe Day. The anniversary of the 1950 ‘Schuman Declaration’ that started the process that created what is now the European Union. The declaration was made by the then French foreign minister Robert Schuman in the aftermath of World War 2.

This year it is more important than ever for patriotic Britons to celebrate Europe Day. The future of the United Kingdom is under threat from those who seek to destroy all the benefits that membership of the European Union has given the people of Britain. We have a prime minister that risks forcing us out of the European Union. Not for practical reasons that it will benefit the UK. Not because he believes it is ideologically right. But because he is weak and hopes to make short-term political gain by jeopardising our nation’s future.

The UK’s membership of the European Union has benefited businesses and workers alike. Men, women and children enjoy greater freedoms and are safer than they have ever been before.

I am proud to be a citizen of Europe. I am proud to be a citizen of the United Kingdom. I have grown up in a Europe that is peaceful and prosperous (read Smile if you’re European by Simon Kuper in the Financial Times magazine). I want our five-year daughter to enjoy the same European peace and prosperity that her parents have.

That’s why the best way to display your British patriotism is to celebrate Europe Day today.

EU and Union Jack flag picture courtesy of LSE British Influence blog.

European Commission building in Brussels taken by me on May 7, 2013.