Labour Party conference 2009 #lab09

I’ve only missed one Labour Party conference in about the last 14 years. This year however I’m only there for one day as I need to stay in Leeds to help my wife who is the final week of the selection contest to choose the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Elmet and Rothwell. My flying visit required an early morning train from Leeds and I can’t stay until the evening as I need to be back in London for 18:00 for a social media business dinner at Results International.

I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends (sometimes conference is the only time you see people one year to the next!). I’m really disappointed to have missed Peter Mandelson’s speech yesterday, but am looking forward to Gordon’s speech this afternoon. My hope is that he will put some fire into the belly of activists and set out a clear vision for a fourth term. Labour members already know what Labour has achieved, they are more than capable of articulating this on the doorsteps. What they can’t do at the moment is set out a clear, compelling vision of what Labour will achieve in its fourth term. That’s what I’m hoping to hear from Gordon this afternoon.