Sony Ericsson announces new GreenHeart strategy in live Kyte webcast today

Today Sony Ericsson is announcing GreenHeart, which represents its commitment to bring to market more environmentally friendly products. It will be announcing more details in a live webcast in the UK at 13:00 (GMT+1) today (for early bird’s that 5:00 PDT in San Francisco, the more realistic 8:00 EDT in New York, 14:00 CEST in Paris, 22:00 EST in Melbourne – you can see your local time here).

There are several ways for you to take part:

Kyte logo

We’re using Kyte to live stream the webcast on the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart website. You can use Kyte’s live chat facility to ask questions and the panel will answer as many as they can. If you want to be more involved then you can even embed Sony Ericsson’s Kyte channel on your own blog, website Facebook etc (just click on Get & Share).


Twitter logo

You can follow GreenHeart on Twitter, we’ll be tweeting the highlights of the webcast and you can also tweet your questions and comments to @SEGreenHeart or use the hashtag #greenheart.


Finally, as you’d expect from a mobile phone company, you can also take part by phone using Ipadio! Just call +44 20 3384 2144 (it’s a standard UK number so if you’re calling from outside the UK, there may be extra charges) and enter the pin number 2344. You’ll then be streamed live onto the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart website.

Usual disclaimer, Sony Ericsson is a client of Wolfstar.

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