Vodafone LiveGuy in the Wolfstar office

With our work for Sony Ericsson Wolfstar works with some very nice people from Dare Digital. Some of the other guys at Dare are working with Vodafone on the LiveGuy grand tour of the UK.

A few minutes ago LiveGuy popped into our office to talk about his mission:

Incidentally I recorded him Using my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (disclaimer: client), which to help close the circle just happens to be available on Vodafone.

If you can figure out the clues and catch up with LiveGuy then there is still chance to win one of the three remaining Dell netbooks that he is giving away.


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2 Replies to “Vodafone LiveGuy in the Wolfstar office

  1. Stuart,

    You will no doubt now be inundated with tweets asking if you won the Netbook.

    Hope vodafoneliveguy get's a good pint of Tetley's before he leaves the city.

    Particularly as he's now moving increasingly into 'wine bar' territory; aka Manchester, Bristol & London ;-

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