PR Week UK is podcasting – about the royal family!

My news feeds have just revealed this little bit of news. PR Week UK is now podcasting. Great is probably your first thought, but wait until you see what they are actually doing.

The podcast is in partnership with the almost universally criticised Editorial Intelligence and is on the fascinating subject of “the changing role of the royals, and at media comment on the royal family”.

And this is relevant to the PR business how? If this is what PR Week really thinks PR professionals are interested in? And this just after Simon Collister published his post about PR Week’s obsession with celebrity and personalities and how out of touch it is becoming.

PR Business needs to hurry up and get its website up and running. Even a temporary blog to re-publish its existing stories would beat PR Week and they could get it up and running within a day. How about it guys, before Friday’s conference?

N.B. No point linking to PR Week as it’s all behind a paywall, which incidentally, unless you get the CIPR discount version, is definitely not worth the money. In My Humble Opinion of course. What do you think?

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One Reply to “PR Week UK is podcasting – about the royal family!”

  1. I do still pay for PR Week, but the pricing arrangements are crazy. While it's discounted I can still justify it, but if they ask me to renew at the full rate next year, that's it. So the competition – from PR Business, CorpComms and the 100+ PR blogs I watch – is welcome both on quality and cost grounds.

    As for another podcast… Is it just me who thinks the world's a noisy enough place already?

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