AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper M3 tool lets PR professionals benchmark their comms measurement

Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3) is a fantastic new tool from AMEC (the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) to help public relations professionals benchmark how they do their communications measurement and evaluation.

I was lucky enough to see a demonstration of an alpha version of the Measurement Maturity Mapper at the AMEC Global Summit in Barcelona in June and to have a quick play with it before it was announced today.

The two main uses I see for the tool are firstly its primary purpose of assessing the maturity and sophistication of how a company or organisation measures and evaluates its communications, but secondly as a personal self-assessment tool to assess your own measurement ability.

Just like AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework tool the Measurement Maturity Mapper isn’t just available to AMEC members, but is free for anyone to use. Pause and let that sink in for a moment. Both of these tools make your job as a PR professional easier and if used properly make you better at your job.

Measurement Maturity Mapper – M3

The M3 tool is a diagnostic questionnaire that takes users through a series of questions about their organisation and how it currently approaches measurement and evaluation.

It looks at three levels or aspects:

  • Reporting: how the organisation measures communication outputs, outtakes and outcomes.
  • Planning: how the organisation plans communications including setting objectives and KPIs and using insight to inform strategy and tactics.
  • Impact: how the organisation starts to relate communications activity to actual business or organisational impact.

On completion of the questionnaire you’re presented with a graphic giving a percentage score for the three aspects and a total, along with the benchmark scores.

What is particularly useful is it also provides a recommendations tab which highlights strengths in reporting, planning and impact and makes practical recommendations for improvement for each.

The tool has already been piloted by many AMEC members and their clients so there is an initial set of benchmark data to compare yourself against. As more people use the mapper the data should become even more useful. All the data is anonymised so your answers remain confidential and only you can see them, the results and the recommendations.

The M3 tool was developed by a genuinely international team of AMEC members so is applicable for companies and organisations anywhere in the world, although unlike the Integrated Evaluation Framework tool its initially only available in English. The framework tool has already been translated into 19 languages. Thanks to AMEC members Colin Wheeler (Survey Solutions), Ben Levine (Fleishmann Hillard Fishburn), Aseem Sood (Impact Research and Measurement) and Michael Ishmael (66 Bytes) for making M3 happen.

You can use the free Measurement Maturity Mapper M3 tool on the AMEC website.

If you or your team are interested in exploring how you can improve your public relations or communications measurement and evaluation then please get in touch to discuss how my consultancy or training services might help.