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I’ve been publishing The Stuart Bruce Daily using for a while and it has never been something that I’ve put a great deal of effort into. In fact it always felt a bit ‘spammy’ to me and I often thought about stopping it. The reason I kept it going is that it does seem to have an appreciative audience and I regularly have positive interactions and comments because of it – on public social channels, private channels and even face-to-face when I’m speaking at conferences.

So today I’ve spent some time curating what appears so that it is hopefully more public relations and corporate communications focused. I’ve added some dedicated new content sources and set some filters. At the moment it still takes content from all of my Twitter timeline links, but I’m going to tweak my Twitter lists and make some of my private ones public so I can use them to create the content.

It’s always interesting to get feedback so let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Stuart,

    Kelly here from You bring up a good point; like many publishers makes it really easy to create daily streams of current content, but we often forget though to go back every now and then to fine-tune. I’m even guilty myself 🙂

    We sure see a lot of positive feedback though from publishers and the community on papers that are focused, on topic and containing helpful and relevant content.

    One way that publishers are giving a little extra love to audiences is by using their ad spaces to share white papers, slideshare presentations, videos and other multi-media they think their audience will benefit from. It’s working really well for both the publisher and subscribers. If you’d like any assistance, or ideas, give me a shout.

    Thanks again for not scrapping your paper and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!

  2. Stuart Bruce – PR Futurist 🛰️ Counsel and training for communications teams and PR agencies 📊 Strategist 🗣️ International speaker 📺 NED 📈 Author 📘 Mentor 👂
    Stuart Bruce says:

    Hi Kelly

    Appreciate you commenting. The first ‘new’ edition was published about half an hour ago and it looks like I’ve still got to do a bit more work, but it definitely seems more on topic to me. And I like the idea of using ad spaces to share white papers, presentations, videos etc. Definitely not going to be scrapping it, but will give it some more attention.

    I’m also going to work it into my digital PR training course a bit more to give PR and corporate communications people more ideas about how they can use it. At the moment I just tend to mention it and show an example. Be good to actually get them creating a paper and t show them some good PR/corp comms examples.


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