European Communication Monitor 2012

European Public Relations Education and Research AssociationThe European Communication Monitor 2012 has just been published. It is the largest transnational survey on strategic communication worldwide and almost 2,200 professionals from 42 countries participated.

I haven’t had time to study it in-depth yet (the full report weighs in at 121 pages), as it is important to understand that this isn’t some light-weight research by a PR company, but a properly researched academic report by some of the PR professions leading academics led by Professor Dr Ansgar Zerfass, Professor of Communication Management at the University of Leipzig, Germany and including Professor Dr Ralph Tench, Professor of Communication at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

The research is organised by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (Euprea), European Association of Communications Directors, Communication Director magazine and sponsored by Ketchum Pleon.

I’m going to do a follow-up blog post on my analysis and thoughts of the research findings on online communications, digital and social media. The top line finding is that there is still a large gap between the perceived importance of social media and the actual rate of implementation. As a professional online PR and digital communications trainer and consultant I was interested to see that just over half of respondents think that training is a good way to learn digital skills with 56% favouring company-specific training programs and 53% attending training programs externally. Slightly more than 80% think private use or work use are the best. In reality it is a combination of these with company-specific training and private use working most effectively together.

This is the quick summary video:

European Communications Monitor 2012

And the SlideShare summary:

You can download the full report as a PDF from the European Communication Monitor 2012 website.

Disclaimer: I am a part-time lecturer in online PR and communications to postgraduate students at the University of Leeds and have worked with Professor Tench.

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