Communications lessons from London Olympics 2012

Last week I attended a fantastic conference organised by Communicate magazine on the communications lessons from the 2012 Olympics. I tweeted quite a bit of it so pulled together some of my tweets along with tweets by other delegates and speakers into a quick Storify of the #CommsLegacy conference.

[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Communications lessons from the London 2012 Olympics” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Communications lessons from the London 2012 Olympics</h1> <h2>Thanks to all the Communicate team and all the fantastic speakers at yesterday’s London Olympics 2012 #CommsLegacy conference. One of the most interesting and engaging conferences that I’ve attended in a while. I’ve pulled together a quick Storify of some of the tweets capturing key moments.</h2> <p>Storified by Stuart Bruce &middot; Fri, Nov 09 2012 05:08:40</p> <div>And we’re off… @Communicatemag editor #mollyhpierce is first off the blocks at #commslegacy conference IC Crowd</div> <div>#commslegacy Olympic brand launch boosted the importance of digital media. It was the biggest story for 2 days!Samantha Hill</div> <div>LOCOG search analysis showed people searched for Olympic medal count not medal table so changed language appropriately #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>Great first session from @alexbalfour2012 at #CommsLegacy on the digital Olympics, really interesting dataMolly Pierce</div> <div>Coca-Cola’s used digital platforms for internal comms on London Olympics 2012 – geographic challenge &quot;it’s just in London&quot; #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>#commslegacy Ed Knight talks about Coca Cola employees who were chosen as torch bearers because of their community/fundraising workSamantha Hill</div> <div>View from my seat at the #commslegacy conference. Ed Knight from Coke currently talking. / Communicate</div> <div>RT @stuartbruce: Bit sinister that Coca-Cola’s knows who the ‘not engaged’ 10% of employees are and told their managers #CommsLegacyArun Sudhaman</div> <div>Kurt Mueller – what Grainger plc got from sponsoring 3 paralympians. #commslegacy / Communicate</div> <div>Fascinating session by @alexbalfour2012 on LOCOG’s success deliveing a digital Olympics. Web traffic alone x3 of BBC and NBC #CommsLegacyJames Hillier</div> <div>The charming &amp; Olympic @katewalsh11 humouring me by letting me wear her medal. Others get chance later #commslegacy / Communicate</div> <div>Royal Mail almost didn’t do the gold postboxes because they thought people may think it was naff. #london2012 #commslegacyQuezia Soares</div> <div>#commslegacy event: Royal Mail were able to get stamps in Jade Jones’ local post office within 12 hours of her winning Olympic Gold!andy rice</div> <div>Royalmail’s gold post boxes to remain gold. Great legacy for athletes and Britain as a whole. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Arrrggh @RoyalMailNews’ Abby Gutchkelch just ruined brilliant presentation with final slide on AVEs! Shocking #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>The slides from @Communicatemag #commslegacy event will be available to access here in the next couple of days: IC Crowd</div> <div>Interesting to hear how Royal Mail managed media storm around Paralympian’s gold stamp issue #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Abby @royalmailnews discussing Paralympic stamp furore currently #CommsLegacy great eg of responsive listening and agile commsMolly Pierce</div> <div>Whole @RoyalMailNews measurement slide very weak, which is a shame for such a fantastic campaign #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>Stuart Ross from TFL; &quot;we did not tell people to stay out of London&quot;. Encouraged travelling other routes / times instead. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>The #commslegacy conference looks really interesting this morning. Would have like to had been there. Great to see @tflofficial represented.Chris Reed</div> <div>4.75 million passengers on Aug 7. Busiest in tube history. Some other staggering achievements from Tfl. V. impressive. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>G4S stole TfL’s thunder during #London2012 … and stole the negative media coverage 🙂 #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>GSK’s employees followed updates on Facebook as found it easier to access than internal comms systems #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>Deloitte’s Thomas Coops on improved use of Yammer internally and more devolved external comms and content creation #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>All 3 panelists (Deloitte, GSK, EDF) agree that Olympic association changed perceptions of their brand for the better. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Partners at Deloitte now ‘getting’ social media more and Deloitte starting to look at bringing it into client comms #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>Cait O’Riordan (BBC) – vision was to deliver the ‘first truly digital Olympics’ #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Some how feel BBC’s Cait O’Riordan is cheating using lots of video clips…. They are good though 🙂 #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>24 simultaneous live streams across all platforms from @BBCSport – very impressive #commslegacyCommunicate Events</div> <div>Not a single BBC stream of Olympic action got less than 100,000 viewers #CommsLegacyMolly Pierce</div> <div>BBC – Feck’s nightmare dive the top most requested Olympic clip (over 800k). #CommsLegacy #bellyflopMark Mylam</div> <div>Most views via mobile browser not BBC app, but people don’t navigate round mobile site like they do app #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>Staggering numbers from BBC #london2012 coverage, 111 million video requests across all platforms, 1.9 million app downloads #commslegacyQuezia Soares</div> <div>Cait O’Callaghan (bbc) – ‘TV is king’. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>#commslegacy watching stream of British Olympic wins, the struggle, the victory – Great Britain #mustnotcrySamantha Hill</div> <div>Why do we think that #smcc12 will be one of the best social media conf’s (Nov15) Check out #CommsLegacy. Says it all! / Communicate</div> <div>7 out of 10 say Team GB athletes have replaced music/football stars as perfect role models. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Hugh Chambers (BOA) – &quot;British Airways ‘don’t fly, stay at home and support team GB’ the best Olympics Campaign #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>#commslegacy BOA quote a 620% increase in social media engagement during the Games, thanks, in part, to PA contentandy rice</div> <div>Hugh Chambers (BOA) – ‘only regret from the Olympics is that the nation didn’t engage with athletes sooner’ #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>BOA saw Olympics social media as significant risk, but worked well because of social media training, policies and support #CommsLegacyStuart Bruce</div> <div>RT @stuartbruce: Final #CommsLegacy speaker katewalsh11 England hockey captain. Inspiring. Events</div> <div>Kate Walsh (Team GB) – We have a lot of input from GB PR team as to how we manage social media – no Twitter on match days #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>Amazing to hear Olympic hockey player @katewalsh11 credit the BBC’s mobile apps for keeping athletes in touch with the games #commslegacyCait O’Riordan</div> <div>Kate Walsh – Investec (GB hockey sponsors) made facebook fan page so players can engage with fans, whilst maintaining privacy. #CommsLegacyMark Mylam</div> <div>A big thanks to @andyrice4 and @pressassoc for helping make today’s comms lessons from the london2012 happen. #commslegacyAndrew / Communicate</div> <div>Thanks @katewalsh11 for mentioning my five-year old daughter’s desire to learn hockey after trying it at Olympics #CommsLegacy @joininukStuart Bruce</div> <div>RT @stuartbruce: Coca-Cola’s achievement was to encourage employees to be advocates and ambassadors. Great employee engagement #CommsLegacyEd Knight</div> <div>Some of the #CommsLegacy conf presentations can be found here @AlexBalfour2012, @guthka, @kcmueller &amp; more…chkCommunicate Events</div>

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