Most influential UK PR, social, SEO, marketing blogs

Today marketing automation software provider Eloqua released a UK edition of its ‘Blog Tree’ infographic of the most influential blogs in PR, social, SEO, marketing, tech, start-up and design. And this little, old blog of mine is right there near the top of the tree as one of the top three PR blogs and one of the top blogs overall. You can see the The Blog Tree: UK Edition below or download the PDF for a clickable version.

The Eloqua Experience Europe conference in May looks like it could be good as the keynote speaker is David Meerman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing & PR, the New Rules of Marketing & PR and most recently Newsjacking.


The news release announcing the release of the Blog Tree: UK Edition and blog post.


7 Replies to “Most influential UK PR, social, SEO, marketing blogs

  1. Hi Stuart. Given the plethora of meanings and algorithms labelled “influence”, I’m starting a campaign to get people to explain their definition when they employ the word. I have a motive; simply that many algorithms fall way short of anything open, scientific and rigorous. How is influence defined here?

  2. Stuart Bruce – PR Futurist 🛰️ Counsel and training for communications teams and PR agencies 📊 Strategist 🗣️ International speaker 📺 NED 📈 Author 📘 Mentor 👂
    Stuart Bruce says:

    I think we all agree that such lists are meaningless, but fun. The one is based on Edleman’s Bloglevel tool, not sure how it works.

  3. Googles algorithm is confusing with the Penguin and all that. Guess the brains behind it are on a different kind of influence.

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