5 Replies to “Top 10 tips to get senior management buy-in for social media

  1. Make It Boring. lol. Now that I think about it, our presentation was a bit dry. We really had to rein in the excitement. But I agree totally with the list. When we approached management, we did all of the above. Competitor analysis was key – went a long way in getting their attention and reducing the indifference.

  2. One of my tactics is to tell them that they’re already engaged in social media – they just don’t realise it. That’s because a number of employees will already be using Twitter, Facebook and a range of other platforms to discuss work-related issues. They will also be on LinkedIn. The step I sell is going from non-strategic use of social media to strategic use.

  3. Tip 10, ‘Think big, Start small, Act fast: If you only do
    one thing, introduce social media governance’ is a bit understated. One of the
    most crucial considerations of using social media is to make sure it is consistent,
    with company strategy and across the types of social media you use.

  4. Stuart Bruce – PR Futurist 🛰️ Counsel and training for communications teams and PR agencies 📊 Strategist 🗣️ International speaker 📺 NED 📈 Author 📘 Mentor 👂
    Stuart Bruce says:

    Hi Brynne, I’d agree that making social an integral part of your overall strategy is right and that’s one of the things I talk about on slides one and two at the start as it’s so important. The point I make about needing a policy is that you need one even if you don’t yet want to start ‘using ‘ social media. You need one because people around you are ‘using’ it, even if you aren’t.

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