Business and politics don’t mix – who you trying to kid?

Tonight I went along to my very first Bootlaw event – and it was brilliant. Danvers Baillieu and Barry Vitou ran a great session on ‘Social Media Attacks’. If you’ve never been to a Bootlaw session I’d highly recommend you do.

In business some people think it’s a big taboo to talk too much about politics or religion, I can’t comment on religion, but I can on politics. Anyone who reads either my business blog or my politics blog won’t be any doubt what my politics are. I’m a long-standing member of the Labour Party and believe passionately that Labour is not only best for the people of the UK, but also for UK business plc.

Some people think that’s dangerous, that I’ve instantly alienated potential clients who are Tories or Lib Dem. I’d humbly like to disagree.

Anyone who knows Danvers or Barry will know they are die-hard Tories. We’re poles apart, never the twain shall meet. Actually, no.  I’ve got far more respect for Danvers and Barry because they are Tories, than if they weren’t interested in politics.

You see, what it tells me is they’ve got passion. They care. They care about more than themselves. They care about what’s best for Britain. I admire that, because that’s me. I happen to think on politics they are deluded, no doubt they think similar of me.

But caring is important. I don’t just care passionately about what’s best for Britain – I care about my clients. I genuinely worry about what’s best for them. And I think Danvers and Barry care about their clients as much as I care about mine.

There are dozens of public relations consultants and solicitors who’ve got brilliant technical skills. But how many would you trust to go the extra mile? Even though I don’t know Danvers and Barry that well I’d trust them to go that extra mile. That’s because of their politics I’ve seen they’ve got enthusiasm and passion – they care.

So no, I don’t think business and politics don’t mix. On the contrary it’s a massive positive. Those that are active in politics, respect others who are, even if they disagree with them. Those that aren’t interested in politics, probably won’t care what you do.

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  1. I agree stuart, business and politics are intertwined, which is evident by the debate surrounding Labour's planned 1 per cent rise in national insurance. I don't agree with employers who say that it is a tax on jobs and that it will hamper economic recovery. And yes, i will be voting Labour on the 7th!

    The NI rise will raise 6 billion which can be used to maintain public services -it's better to tax business than people isn't it?! The rise is also miniscule and works out at something like £15 per month for each employee. It's typical of business to over react to Labour's 'red' plans but it is a sound way to cut the deficiet.

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