Please help complete the global CommTech survey and win a free pass to the PRovoke Global Summit

Your industry needs you. In partnership with PRovoke Media my company Purposeful Relations is running a global survey on how the public relations and communications profession uses communication technology.

As an incentive, everyone who completes the CommTech survey will be entered into a free prize draw to win a pass to the PRovoke Global Summit 2023. Take the survey here.

There’s a general perception that the communications and PR industry is well behind marketing in its use of technology. MarTech has become a familiar phrase, but CommTech, PRTech or CommsTech are still new to many communications and PR professionals. The survey aims to find out how well practitioners understand communication technology and how they are using it.

The CommTech survey covers areas such as what technologies are considered the most important, the opportunities and threats of technology, and skills needed to choose it and use it.

Purposeful Relations has partnered with the International Communications Consultants Organisation (ICCO) and the World Communications Forum Association (WCFA) in Davos to ensure the survey is as representative of the international PR industry as possible.

We are delighted to be supported by some of the PR and communications industry’s leading technology companies. We are running the survey on the chatbot research platform provided by New Zealand based Stickybeak. Our other partners are predictive media monitoring platform NewsWhip, digital newsroom platform PressPage, and predictive AI driven PR platform PRophet.

It’s exciting to have these four partners as the founders are all people who’ve been at the forefront of developing innovative PR and communication practice and technology.

Stickybeak co-founder David Brain, is a former senior executive at Edelman who previously led Europe and then APAC. He’s now a serial entrepreneur involved in several start-ups and on the board of marketing and communications holding company Enero.

NewsWhip co-founder and CEO Paul Quigley has been at the forefront of using AI and predictive technology to understand breaking news. NewsWhip’s technology is now used by media, brands and PR agencies to predict stories and topics as well as to combat misinformation and disinformation.

More than a decade ago, with my Purposeful Relations colleague Tim Bailey, we built some of the world’s first digital and social media newsrooms for companies like Philips and Sony Ericsson. At the same time PressPage founder Bart Verhulst was taking an alternative approach and creating one of the first white label digital newsrooms. Today PressPage is a full featured digital newsroom service providing a complete suite of PR news publication and distribution tools.

PRophet is an innovative PR platform that lets you test how a pitch, news release or crisis statement will be received by the media. It uses AI to evaluate the story to suggest adjustment and recommend target journalists and media. PRophet founder Aaron Kwittken is the founder of global PR agency KWT Global and sits with me on the global executive committee of the World Communication Forum in Davos. It’s part of the Stagwell Group, the digital first global marketing and communications group led by Mark Penn who was previously chief strategist for Bill Clinton and CEO of Burson- Marsteller.

A summary of the results of the global communication technology survey will be published on PRovoke Media and the full report will be made freely available to help inform PR agencies, in-house communications teams and technology vendors on the priorities for investment in 2023.

You’ve made it this far so please take a few more minutes to complete the CommTech survey and be in with a chance of winning a pass to the PRovoke Global Summit 2023. Take the survey here. If you win we’ll hopefully see you at the summit.