Pokémon Go for PR and communications

Despite only officially being available in Australia, New Zealand the USA Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. So how is the PR and communications world responding? I’ve seen a couple of great examples.

The first is this fantastic tweet from the Trades Union Congress, which is the federation of most UK trade unions.

It’s a fantastic way to capitalise on a huge trend and grab the attention of those elusive young people that it’s so hard for traditional trade unions to reach.

The second that I’ve seen was shared by Peter Shankman (who I’ve ‘known’ since we were both on PR email discussion lists back in the 90s).

Peter shared this photo to Instagram, taken in the lounge of the Sheraton Grand Los Angeles. When he got back to his room he found this card, along with a chocolate bar and diet coke (he doesn’t specify if it was diet chocolate!). He shared the story on Medium.

“Give your employees the freedom to have fun. What you’ll gain from it can’t even be imagined.

Insofar as me? I’ve just found my new default hotel whenever I’m in Los Angeles.”

Let me know if you’ve seen any other good examples of PR and communications professionals using Pokémon Go.

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  1. The Houston Zoo used Pokemon Go to get visitors in the gates at the zoo by posting on their Facebook page the number of Pokéstops available at the zoo. How clever to strike while the iron is hot.

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