Wal-mart targeting bloggers for sympathetic stories

While I’m blasting Asda Wal-mart for its unethical union-bashing policies it appears that in the USA it is using Edelman PR to identify bloggers who have written sympathetic or positive posts about it. Edelman is then asking the bloggers for permission to send regular updates of Wal-mart news that they might be interested in blogging about.

To me Edelman’s approach of asking bloggers before pitching (and more importantly reading their blogs first) is the right way to go about it. What is disturbing is the material they appear to be sending to the bloggers.

My big problem with Wal-mart is that it ain’t a very nice company. In the UK Asda used to have a fantastic reputation as an employee and community friendly supermarket. Since being acquired by Wal-mart it has rapidly gone down hill.

Businesses must understand that corporate social responsibility must be real. It can’t be a facade which is what Wal-mart appears to think it can get away with. Saying nice things while doing nasty things isn’t going to cut it.

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