My friend and colleague Mark Hanson RIP

I’m not normally a person that is lost for words. In fact I’m far too vain and pride myself on my above average ability to string a sentence together. But this week I’ve sat down and keep staring at a blank screen. I just haven’t been able to find the words to say what it means to lose my friend and colleague Mark Hanson in such a traumatic way. That’s why I didn’t contribute to the fantastic tributes on LabourList from Alex Hilton, Jag Singh, Sue Macmillan, David Prescott, Alex Smith, Mike Joslin, Derek Draper, Tom Miller, Mark McDonald, Will Straw, Adam Dustagheer, Lawrence Durnan and Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes).

But I’ve been put to shame by the brilliant, wonderful, talented, caring people that I’m fortunate enough to work with at Wolfstar Consultancy. I cried when I read the first of these tribute posts, and again when I read the second and the third.

Jed Hallam, Anthony Devenish and Chris Woolford say it far more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Thank you guys

And there is also what we said yesterday on the Wolfstar Consultancy blog and of course the wonderful tributes from Iain Dale, Mark’s friends at Staniforth and Luke Bozier.

I echo those sentiments and much more besides.

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