My 10 worst PR and social media posts of 2010

If you’re going to share what works then it’s worth sharing what didn’t – if only for the purpose of learning what not to do. So these are the ‘top 10 worst’ PR and social media posts of 2010:

  1. Stuart Bruce’s PR blog is seven years today – The only reason I did this post is that I was speaking at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations ‘Social Summer’ on the theme of social media isn’t really that new. I wanted to illustrate that blogging was already very established and that online PR has been around since the 1990s despite what some of the youngsters think.
  2. Mandelson reveals his original thoughts on Clause IV – Easy why this one didn’t work. It was way too late. Harper Collins invited me to a fascinating briefing with Peter Mandelson and actually gave bloggers some exclusive content to use. Only problem was we all got the same content at the same time, so basically it was simply a race to publish it. I was too busy and then not near a decent broadband connection so published long after everyone else.
  3. Fast Company: Five steps to earn social currency – I’m surprised that this one didn’t get more traction as it was a good infograpic, but I suspect it was once again a case of being too slow to publish.
  4. PRWeek video on Digital Economy Act – Guess this one didn’t work as most people that were interested had already seen it on the PRWeek website.
  5. SXSW Digital Mission proving successful – Suspect this one failed because it had a weak headline (I wrote it and couldn’t remember what it was about). But I did get to brag about chatting to Lyle Lovett while eating delicious Texan barbeque food.

OK I give up. Working out the bottom 10 is far more time consuming than the top 10 so you’ll have to be satisfied with five! The other five must be rubbish anyway, as these are the least successful posts!

One Reply to “My 10 worst PR and social media posts of 2010”

  1. Hi Stuart,

    I imagine that posts thats are not salicous enough, timely enough or relevant enough don’t do so well. I would guess SEO likes the timely and relevant (already chatted about).

    I think to avoid a Social Media crash this year bloggers need to sitting on stories the way hacks do. Maybe logging into Routiers should be practive for us and religously checking trending topics. Probably the rest is judgement. I suppose realizing we are the commentariat is important too.

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