Stuart Bruce’s top 10 PR blog posts of 2009

In case you missed them, here are the 10 most popular public relations posts from my blog in 2009. Seven of them got most of their traffic from referrals (Twitter, blog posts, Facebook, email etc) and three of them from simple search – the National Express, Obama and social media research statistics ones.

National Express East Coast: Lions led by donkeys – 10 comments
In January I used my blog to express dissatisfaction with National Express East Coast’s abysmal customer service. At the end of November it was time to rejoice as it lost its franchise and the east coast mainline once again became a nationalised rail service (however temporarily). In just one month service has improved phenomenally.

Public relations is about reputation, not SEO – 16 comments
This post on the relative merits of public relations v. SEO resulted in me being asked to debate with Antony Mayfield at the New Media Knowledge event on online PR. It was a bit of an artificial debate as despite now working for a search agency Antony is a PR person so we agreed on far more than we disagreed. The arguments in my post focus on the fact that far too many people don’t know what they are talking about when discussing PR and SEO. I’d like to see more facts and less opinion.

Obama shaking hands with black policeman at No 10 Downing Street – 4 comments
A photograph showing the evident pleasure on the face of a black policeman as he shakes hands with President Barack Obama.

If you want to be a thought leader, blog don’t Twitter – 3 comments
Steve Rubel shutters his blog in favour of a ‘lifestream’, for once I agree with Robert Scoble and argue that thought leaders need to blog, not Twitter.

The only three questions you need to ask your prospective PR social media agency – 14 comments
A post that generated lots of retweets and was in a similar vein to one of my most popular posts of 2008 – Top ten ways not to choose a social media consultant.

How can local government use social media? – 1 comment
The IDeA asks how local government should use social media and I provide some answers based on not only on my public relations and social media experience, but also as an ex-councillor who served as Lead Member for Corporate Communications.

Will PR ever be free of the curse of AVEs? – 5 comments
The Central Office of Information announces it will stop using AVEs to evaluate public relations, I blog about hoping that the rest of the PR industry will follow suit.

Lots of interesting new social media research statistics – no comments
Short post that simply points to two other of my posts – Forrester publishes third global social media and social networks research report and Teens DO use Twitter: real research with the facts and statistics, not myths and hype on the Wolfstar blog. Illustrates the importance of search friendly headlines.

Social media campaign hammers the Daily Mail – 5 comments
When the Daily Mail ran a racist poll on its website, a vigorous Twitter campaign meant that it didn’t get the result it hoped for, a useful illustration of the power of social media.

Mandelson v. Marr: Master class or disaster class – you decide – 6 comments
YouTube videos of Lord Peter Mandelson getting the better of Andrew Marr, in what I think is a master class of how to handle a media interview.