Strategic Social Media conference

Strategic Social Media conference

As well as speaking at Social Media in a Corporate Context and Social Media in Business I’ll now also be standing in for Mark Hanson and speaking at Don’t Panic’s Strategic Social Media conference next Wednesday (April 14) at the Commonwealth Club in London.

I’ll be talking about the specific role Twitter is now playing in strategic communications. Other speakers include Martin Thomas, author of Crowd Surfing and Stephen Waddington, MD of Speed.

If you haven’t already booked then there is still time . Or you can download the Strategic Social Media conference brochure (PDF) here.

I’m particularly pleased to be speaking at this conference, which is probably going to be the last ‘pure play’ social media conference that Don’t Panic run. Don’t Panic, along with the University of Sunderland, organised the UK’s first ever PR social media conference in November 2005 and I was privileged to be one of the speakers. The fact that it was five years ago and most of the speakers were talking about social media campaigns they had actually already run also helps put pay to the myth peddled by some PR and social media agencies that this is ‘new’, it’s just that they were Johnny Come Latelies!

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  1. We're very pleased too and I'm sure we'll be raising a glass on conference eve to the University of Sunderland's now legendary first ever UK social media conference. Can't believe it's five years ago!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Its a shame that Mark can't make it but I look forward to catching up with you.

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